Section 9: Chalets d’Iraty – Logibar

We left Chalets d’Iraty very early. We kind of hoped for a fast descent. Still, it took us around 9 hours to get down. Well, the way wasn’t either very hard or very easy. We went along few summits, walking on some kind of a balcony.

The views were amazing. It was really hot and 20 minutes before Logibar we ran out of water. Getting down, we met a couple who soon doubled us. We met them later at the gite and they invited us for a drink. First, we had to take shower since we were dirty and smelly. When we went down, they were already gone. It was a strange feeling sleeping in a bed.

In the gite, there is also a restaurant. We had a dinner and the waiter kept making some jokes about us. First, he asked if my beer should be as blonde as me. Then, since we had the same clothes, he asked if we were from the same team. Yes, and it’s called “Sales at Decathlon”. 😃 

We met a German hiker, who was on GR10 already for few weeks. We had a lovely evening. I do regret that we didn’t even exchange our e-mails.

There are two ways to get to Logibar. One goes through the crest and you need 5 hours or more. Another one is shorter. You can spend a night at the gite Logibar. If you are looking for a campsite, you should leave the trail and continue on the road. There is campsite around 2km further. 

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