Section 8: Kaskoleta – Chalets d’Iraty

Waking up was hard. We slept so well. I really appreciated it, especially that the following night we were going to sleep next to cows with bells around their necks who were making noises every time they moved a bit.

That day, our camping spot was next to a summer-house. Iwona set up our tent and I went to buy us some food. After walking around 800m I got to the shop that was, of course, closed. I went to a restaurant nearby and with a little voice, trying to look exhausted and hungry, I asked if there was something we could buy take away. They called a lady who owns the shop and she opened the groceries for me.

That day we passed by the sommets d’Occabe. The landscapes were amazing! We were supposed to arrive at a lake Iraty. We were so excited about it after seeing beautiful pictures of amazing lakes on the internet, so imagine our disappointment when we got there and saw something that was looking rather like a puddle than a real lake. We got to the Chalets d’Iraty around 7 pm and my feet hurt a lot. I had blisters everywhere.

There is a good spot for a bivouac at bordes d’inzarrazquy. The ground is flat with a water source. Close to Chalet de Pedro you will find another spot for bivouac. If you go further, there is a natural campsite at Iraty-Gize, with a water source. At Chalet d’Iraty there is a restaurant, shop, and gite. 

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