Section 7: St Jean Pied de Port – Kaskoleta

We left campsite quite late, around 10 am. First, we went to talk with our favorite manager at the campsite. Then we went to a post office to send few postcards and get some cash for the coming days.
The day before, while strolling in St Jean Pied de Port, we bumped into the same father and daughter we met on our 5th day of hiking. We talked and they invited us for dinner at the place they rented for few days. We had a lovely evening. During dinner, they asked us what we were missing out there in the wild. One of our answers was boiled eggs. When we were going back to the campsite they gave us a box with eggs that they boiled in secret during dinner. 

After a day off, we felt as if hiking was harder than before. It was the first time, I was asking myself what was I doing? Did I really need to cross the whole Pyrenees? What was I doing it for? To show other people that I was capable? Shouldn’t I be doing it only for myself? I went hiking instead of living my life as an adult – looking for a job, finishing my report to get my diploma. Doing all this stuff that I was supposed to do as an adult.

That night, we were sleeping next to Kaskoleta gite, we took a shower, and went to admire the landscapes. It was 8.48 pm and we were already in our sleeping bags getting some rest. The lady who keeps this place is really nice. We talked with all the people around. There were so nice and helpful. Complete opposite to what we experienced in Paris. 

We were trying to change our habits. We would go to sleep early and wake up with the dawn. Starting the following day.

In Esterençuby there is a gite where you can spend a night, and buy some food. Water source is close to a church. In the Kaskoleta gite, you can either sleep inside or camp next to the gite and use a bathroom and a kitchen. It cost 5€. They sell some food and drinks too.

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