Section 4: Col des veaux – Col d’Harriéta

It was my worst day during the whole GR 10 adventure. We went pretty hard on us. Well, the day didn’t really seem to be that hard at the beginning. The hike went smoothly until the point where we got to the falaises de zarkambidé. It was drizzling which made the descend very slippery. At the beginning it was fine, but after maybe an hour of going down very slowly and carefully we were so tired! I was scared sometimes because when I looked down I could see the crevasse few meter-long.

Once we were down, we headed to the town to have some lunch and buy something to eat for the next day. We bumped into a father with his daughter who were really nice and we talked for a while. It’s funny how people were approaching us, every time. I guess our huge backpacks had their effect. People were not only curious where we were going but they were always intrigued by the fact that we spoke a language as weird as Polish.

In the restaurant, we asked a waitress if we could buy some bread and she was sooo nice. Not only she gave us bread but she even offered to prepare some sandwiches for us. In Bidarray, there is also a small supermarket where hikers can buy some food and other stuff. After the hard morning, we wanted to continue hiking till the col d’Harriéta. Yet, to get there we had to climb the crêtes d’Iparla.

The climb was hard, and after a while, I sat down and said that I couldn’t do it anymore. I was exhausted. What’s more, when I looked down and saw that crevasse I got frozen for maybe a half an hour or even more. Iwona was trying to calm me down, but it wasn’t working, I just gave up.

Some time later, I knew I wouldn’t go back because the path we had just done was horrible, so the only way left was to go up.  Once on the top of the Pic d’Iparla, we stopped for a while to appreciate the view cause it was really stunning.

We wanted to find a good spot to set our tent and it was getting late so we hurried up and got a little bit lost. Yet, with a lot of luck, we didn’t get lost, we actually went directly to the col d’Harriéta. This is a perfect place to spend a night. That night we slept few meters away from sheep. It was funny, a few days ago we would rather avoid the presence of animals, and later we were actually happy to share our spot with them.

Col de Mehatche is a good spot for a bivouac. There are a small house and a water source. At col d’Espalza, the terrain is flat and good for a bivouac. Passing by Biddaray, there are hotels, shop, and restaurants. There is a train station too. At col d’Harriéta, you can set your tent. Nice landscapes, especially in the morning. There is a water source 300m further (to confirm).

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