Section 35: Las Illas -Refuge de la Tanyareda

My almost last day on the trail. I couldn’t believe. The following day, I would be in Banyuls. And my last night, in the mountains. I had my lunch close to coll de l’Ullal, I was hesitating to camp there, but there was some poster saying to be aware of wild cows. And there was a second one, who passed next to me. So quick lunch and keep going!

In Perthus, I saw some wild and crazy people. The town is like a shopping center during summer sales. And they didn’t have muesli there! Such a disappointment! 😉  It was very windy, but I decided to spend the night in a tent instead of sleeping in the cabane. I was tempted but I decided that it was my last night, and I wanted to test me. I knew if it would get bad, I could always pack my tent and sleep in the refuge.

In the evening, we had a birthday party. Julien, that I met the day before, was celebrating his birthday, and there was another hiker who was staying there. I had such a lovely evening.

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