Section 34: Moulin de la Palette – Las Illas

Another great night behind me. I left around 7 am since I decided to have a king’s breakfast. I found the gite kind of overrated. It was expensive. I have another dream – muesli. Just get to a city, buy it and eat for a whole day long! I decided to spend that night in Las Illas. In the city, there is a picnic zone, where I could camp and there are toilets, shower, and water fountain. It was so windy! It was only two days left for me. I could walk a little bit more that day since I was in las Illas around 2 pm but I didn’t want to arrive in Banyuls too early.

The next day, I would pass by le Perthus, kind of tax-free city where everybody come to buy some alcohol. I would buy only fruit and muesli! I met Julien, he was hiking the HRP. We talked the whole afternoon. He was really into the Pyrenees. He hiked GR10 before and kept coming to the Pyrenees.


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