Section 33: Batère – Moulin de la Palette

I had such a great night! The way till Arles sur Tech was not very motivating. I was going down and once in the city, I saw people going to boulangerie in swimming suits and heels. I felt so out of place. Still, I had my coffee there.

In the afternoon, I was racing with a storm! I saw some heavy clouds and I knew I had one hour to get back to town, and one hour to go to gite moulin de la Palette. So I hurried up towards the gite and when I got there, the storm started. It was pretty hard. It was raining the whole evening. And there I was, another night in a bed. I met one couple from Germany, who was doing the High Route. And then another couple from Netherlands, he did the whole GR10 and wanted to go back to Hendaye by HRP. New encounters! I loved talking with other hikers, there were so many different and interesting stories there. I started dreaming about hot milk! Back home, I would drink only this!

In Arles sur Tech, you will find a campsite, a bus station, and different shops and restaurants.

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