Section 30: Refuge Bésines – la Cabanasse

I didn’t sleep well last night. The night was really cold and the girl camping next to my tent was moving and making noises the whole time. In the morning she wanted to leave with me, however, I was ready and she needed still like at least one hour to break down her camp. Last evening, when we talked, their first question was about what do I do in my life. It is so Parisian. This is the first question you hear in Paris. And be assure, people will judge based on your answer. I don’t think your profession says what kind of person you are. I mean you can be evil even if you have a degree, or you could be a really decent person, even if doing some less glamourous job. I don’t really care about people’s profession. It does not say everything about a person in front of you. So the guy from Paris, he kept boasting about hiking with no map, or compass. How strong he was, he did some part of the trail in 4h, when it was written it takes 5 hours, and so on.


So I hit the route alone and kept hiking till the lac de Bouillousses. The lake is really amazing, I had my lunch there in a wild corner. Cause getting closer to the parking, there were lots of tourists. So I kept walking.

There was some kind of deviation, normally the trail goes to estany de la pradella, but this time I had to change my route and pass by three lakes. The lakes were nice, but there were so many tourists. People not happy anywhere, always complaining, going to some place just to check it from their list, without even appreciating it. Families that kept screaming at each other. So I hurried up to get faster to Bolqère.

I went to the supermarket to buy some food, and since the weather was nice, and the route quite easy, I kept walking. I stopped in la Cabanasse for a night. As a reward for those 18 days on the trail, I promised myself a night in a refuge. Well, it was mostly because the last nights were really cold. I couldn’t find any gite, and other options were expensive, I spent another night in my tent.


Close to cabane Rouzet, there is a flat ground. While passing by ruisseau de têt, there are numerous possibilities for a bivouac. You can camp next to lac de Bouillouses, there is also a gite and a bus stop. When walking towards la Cabanasse, 300m from the GR10 trail, there is a new campsite. It is pretty well marked. It costs around 11€ per night per person.

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