Section 3: Sare – Col des veaux

We walked till Ainhoa where we had some nice steak with fries. In the town, there is no grocery store, only shops with local food. We bought some really good cheese and some … less good sausages! Iwona was forcing me to eat it for the next few days. We decided to separate ourselves with some of the things we didn’t really need. Our backpacks were way too heavy.

After our lunch, we climbed up the col des Trois Croix. During the hike, we met a man from Netherlands who had come to the Pyrenees to spend few weeks. I really enjoyed meeting new people during our hike through the GR10 trail. It was a complete change from what I was used to in Paris, where you don’t even look people in the eyes.

GR10 Pyrenees

We passed next to the farm Esteben where you can eat and sleep. However, we didn’t step in cause we had everything we needed. We decided to spend a night at the col des veaux. Sharing our spot with a horse family.

GR10 Pyrenees


Around 2 km before Ainhoa, close to pont de diable, you can find a nice spot for a bivouac. If you wish to continue, at Ainhoa there are some small shops with local specialties. There are few restaurants too. Close to the center, there is a campsite Harazpy. At Espellete, that is 6.5 km from Ainhoa, you can find a bus that goes to Bayonne. Ferme d’Esteben offers room, camping spots, and restaurant. At the Col des veaux, there is a perfect spot to camp. Not sure if water can be found.


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