Section 27: Cabane Courtal Marti – Plateau de Beille

I woke up early and was ready to go before 6:30 am. The shepherd came asking if we want some milk for breakfast, but I was already after mine.

I kept walking. Ariège is really savage. In the morning, I had lost the trail. I couldn’t see the signs, and there was no visible path. It took me some time to return on the right route. It kind of upset me and I wanted to quit (again!). However, I told myself it a privilege to hike here, and some people were dreaming about it, and I should stop complaining about some small troubles. And so I kept walking.

My body was changing, I was getting thinner, and some muscles were more visible. However, my feet were in bad shape. I had blisters, and it hurt. My days were long so there was no time to rest my feet and get rid of those blisters. They looked quite bad. Next day was supposed to be long as well. I planned on going till Mérens les Vals and finish the part in Ariège.

On your way, you will pass by two cabanes, des Clarans, and d’Artaran. Next to each of them, there is some flat ground to set a tent. I slept in nordic village Angaka which cost me like 15€  for a spot with my own tent and a breakfast.

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