Section 26: Auzat – Cabane Courtal Marti

It has been a year, that I hadn’t slept with cows. Well, until that day. I only hoped there would be no troubles. And I was falling asleep with a view of the mountains.

I left the campsite in the morning and took a path till Goulier to return on GR10. The way was nice, and I thought I would walk only till Siguer. I heard so many stories about «petit gite», where the atmosphere was really great, and I wanted to spend a night there. To my surprise, the gite was closed. However, there is still a room where the hikers can sleep for free. There are a shower and a toilet. So I was planning on staying there, but it was only 2:30 pm.

Then another hiker came and took a shower and was about to hike a little bit more. So I joined him and we walked for the next two hours. He couldn’t walk more and I overcame my fear of sleeping alone and kept going. I bumped into a couple, and we continued till cabane Courtal Marti, where there was another couple! Close to this cabane, there is a shepherd’s house where you can enter, take some cheese and pay. In the cabane, there is some food and drinks, you could take and pay in the next refuge. Ariège is hard, as you don’t come across many towns, places to buy some food, however, people are so nice, they will share everything with you.


In Siguer, I asked a lady if there was some place I could buy a bread, she told me, the next shop is 8km away, but she had half of the baguette and she would share it with me. It was so nice! I didn’t really need it, so I thank her for the offer and kept walking.

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