Section 23: Refuge de l’Etang d’Araing – Maison du Valier

It was a really hard day. I hiked for more than 12hours. My feet hurt, my clothes were dirty and smelly and I really needed to take a shower. While walking, I decided to go down till Maison du Valier, since some storms were predicted for a night. When I got there, I washed myself in a river, but the water was so cold. And the fact, that I was really exhausted didn’t help. The night was really cold. I was sleeping with two trousers, t-shirt, and jumper on.


There is some flat ground close to «mînes de bentaillou». Later, in Eylie d’en Haut, there is a gite. Close to cabane au Col de l’Arech, you will find some limited spots for a bivouac. If you decide to spend a night at Maison du Vallier, there is a gite. Otherwise, you can always camp next to the river. There are many spots to light a fire and enjoy the evening.

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