Section 21: Bagnères de Luchon – Fos

In my diary, that I kept during the whole hike, I was starting every single note “It was a long day”. So I did for that day too. I left the campsite around 6:30 am and I was already tired. I wanted to go back home so badly. I was grumpy till noon. I guess the weather played a big role. It was foggy and I could not see anything. And it continued till col des taons. Then I went out of clouds and saw amazing landscapes. While getting to pic de bacanère, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The world that spread in front of me was stunning. I met another two hikers who were hiking in Ariège for the next 14 days. I really liked them, I hoped that their trip went well. They were doing smaller parts so we didn’t get a chance to meet again. Whenever they came across somebody, they stopped and talked for at least 10 minutes.

The way down, after cabane d’Artigues, in the forest, was really bad. Mud and water everywhere. It was so slippery! Iwona would be proud of me for not falling. 🙂 Later, the way was long but very pleasant. When I got to Fos, I bumped into a point where they welcomed participants of TransPyrneA. I talked with the mayor and his wife. They told me where I could camp, etc. In the town, there is no shop, and the mayor’s wife brought me some bread and vegetables! It was so nice of them.
Cabane d’Artugues offers 4 places. In Fos, there is no shop, however, you can find one restaurant. You can stay either in the refuge, where you can buy some food or camp next to a school, on a picnic zone. You have an access to toilets and cold shower in the school. 

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