Section 20: Boursip – Loudenvielle – Bagnères de Luchon

We left camping in the morning when it wasn’t raining yet. We left little before our new friends. During the walk, we met an English man who was thru-hiking the GR10 trail. We had some difficulties finding the GR10 signs.

It was raining and the way was slippery. Instead of stepping on a stone, I put my foot on a grass and of course, I slipped! I was wet, from my shoes up to my jacket. I changed myself, and once in a town, I went to a shop to buy a t-shirt. I had nothing dry to wear. We ate a lunch and decided to stay in Loudenvielle for a night. We did our laundry and try to dry our clothes. I took a big nap.

Year later…
I had another long day behind me. I started doubting if I could keep up with this rhythm. I left the campsite and went to visit Boursip, its XV century church, and abandoned dogs. The city itself looks very abandoned. At 8 am I took a bus to Loudenvielle, in order to catch up with my day off. I did the path between Boursip and Loudenvielle with Iwona last year. In Loudenvielle, I return to the GR10 trail. At the beginning, hiking was hard. After a day off, I needed to get used to it again, and I was really careful about my feet. While walking, I bumped into a couple who lived nearby. During their free time, they would go and hike in the area. She told me that hiking the whole GR10 was always her dream and that she was really happy that she met me. She did few times, the Santiago de Compostela by herself.

Climbing couret d’Esquierry was nice. The views were amazing. I came across a few trailers who were doing the TransPyreneA. When I got to Granges d’Astau, I decided to take a bus to Banières de Luchon and rest, I didn’t want to go hard on my left foot again. I went to the closest campsite, where I couldn’t even set up my tent properly. But never mind. I was tired and I caught a cold, so it was not helping. It was hard, but the hike gave me some much pleasure! Starting next day, there will be fewer campsites, town, and civilization! I will enter the GR10 in Ariège. I was still doubtful about camping alone in the wild. But I guess I wouldn’t have any choice. I needed to overcome my fears!

Before Loudenvielle, in Azet, there is a gite. In Loudenvielle, you will find a campsite, shops, hotels, and bus stop. Later, in Germ, there is a gite. You can also camp close to the school. Before Bagnères, you can camp next to cabane d’Ourtiga, but there is no water source. At Granges d’Astou, there is a gite, and you can find some spots for a bivouac. The place has some restaurant and there is a bus to Bagnères de Luchon. I took the bus, but if you hike till Bagnères de Luchon, you can camp close to the refuge du lac d’Espino. Bagnères de Luchon is a very tourist city. There are many different accommodation solutions. You can visit the Tourist Office Information for more information.

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