Section 2: Col des Poiries – Sare

After our first night in a tent, we were ready to continue our adventure. When we were going down the hill we encountered the hikers we had met the day before. We walked with them a little bit but then we got so behind with our snail speed. We met Damien, who was hiking the GR10 with his two dogs. One of them was only 3 months old. We walked the whole day together. We passed by Intsola, where we found a little grocery store and bought some reserves of chocolate.  After climbing up les trois fontaines, he decided to stay there. His dog was too tired. We headed down to the town. On the hill, I went to look for some water to refresh myself and I found it easily. Then Iwona decided to do the same. She came back after 30 minutes laughing… Cause guess what? Even with my precise directions, she didn’t find it. When we got to Sare, we couldn’t find any camping, we were walking around and it was getting late. Then a truck stopped and the driver asked us where we were going. They proposed to take us to a campsite. We had a quick ride on the back of the truck, not seeing where we were actually going. Not smart, I know! Yet, in the Pyrenees people were always so helpful. Once we arrived at our destination we set our tent. People who were camping there were stopping by to ask where we were going, or where we came from. We were kind of celebrities over there.


There is a gite at Olhette. Further, there is a possibility of a bivouac at Col des Trois Fontaines. There is a source and small shelter Arrano-Xola. The terrain is flat. Sare offers few possibilities to spend a night. We chose a camping. There is also a gite. More about accommodation and campsites – here. Possibility to buy food. There is also a bus that goes to St Jean de Luz.


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