Section 19b: Lac d’Aubert – Boursip

I had this funny feeling as if I was on the road for a few weeks already. And it had been only five days. I was really exhausted yesterday. And arriving at the pass Madaméte, I saw the most amazing lakes. Yesterday evening was really nice, I loved those encounters on my way. My neighbors were really cool.

The night was really cold, as I slept on the altitude and next to the lake. I left the campsite around 7 am. And continued my way passing by the lakes. When I got to lac de l’oule, I lost GR10 and finish my way on a departmental road. Horrible!

When arrived at Boursip, my ankle was swollen and I had blisters everywhere. I cannot believe some people who say that they were walking more than 35km. GR10 was badly marked sometimes. Or maybe it was me, too distracted.


I spent two nights at this campsite. The price is around 8€ and it is well kept. Nearby, there are others campsites and hostels. You can camp close to a shelter at lac d’Oule. 

Following day:
I guess I went too hard the day before. My feet hurt and I had so many blisters. Not to forget that my left ankle was still swollen. I decided to take a day off. I planned on reading books, writing, just simply chilling out. Well, apparently while heading to lake Aubert I did more than 2000m of ascents.The big news! If I had stayed till Thursday, I would have participated in “rencontre et échange” (English: meeting and discussion) with the reserve ranger. However, I decided to keep going. I know, I missed such an opportunity. On the campsite, people were coming and asking me questions about my hike, how it was going so far, where I was heading, etc. Since I planned on staying and reading my book and let my feet rest, I needed another book. “Houndred years of solitude” would not be enough for those 3 weeks in the Pyrenees. So I went to the bookshop and bought “Dans les forêts de la Sibérie”. I was not only reading, as I was putting in my head a plan for another adventure. I dream about some bike tour. Maybe in China? There is this Friendship Highway. There are so many places I am dying to visit. I spent some time thinking how travels can actually change us, if they can. What are the incomes of long-distance hiking? Why are we actually doing it? With a bad news that came that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. They discovered a body of a hiker who was missing for more than a week. He was hiking the GR10 Trail, doing the same path as me. It is thrilling to think that sometimes all you need is one wrong step to end it. It makes you wonder why you came here, what brought you to mountains.
I tried to throw away some of my belongings that I didn’t really need. It was a hard task. I decided to throw some of the pages of Marquez’s book that I had already read. It was heartbreaking. I hate to destroy a book. I have so much respect for them. My best friends. I couldn’t stay any longer on the campsite, I was craving to leave the town.
If you are planning on spending some more time in this part of the Pyrenees, you should visit St Lary’s Tourist Office website and Vielle-Aure Tourist Office website

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