Section 18b: Refuge Grande de Holle – Luz St Sauveur

I woke up around 5 am because of a storm that lasted till 7 am. I decided not to hike up that day and go down to Gavarnie. I packed my tent and said goodbye to the owner of the refuge. Around 10 minutes later, it started raining, and thunderstorm started for the good. Soon after, it was pouring. Then, it hailed, twice. Complete disaster. The storm lasted and lasted. I had no clue what to do. I was 10 minutes from the refuge, and 10 minutes from Gavarnie. I didn’t want to stop cause the path was under the trees, next to the electric lines. So I kept walking. And praying that the thunder would not hit me. I finally arrived at Gavarnie.

The storm wasn’t planning on giving up, so I gave up. I took a bus to Luz St Sauveur. Still, in Gavarnie, I went to a coffee shop and met a couple who had been hiking since they could remember. That year, they hiked most places close to Gavarnie, including Mont Perdu. They seemed very happy together. I could see it from the way they looked at each other. After arriving in Luz St Sauveur, I met another couple who invited me for lunch. It all started with my tent. I chose a very small model and it didn’t pass without noticing. We started talking, and I discovered that they visited Poland in a  camping car in 1966! Their story through Poland under a communist dictatorship was stunning. I discovered my country from completely different angle. I took their address and later, I would send them a postcard.

I spent a night on the Toy Campsite next to the tourist office. It cost me around 10€. The staff was really nice. Luz St Sauveur is a good place to buy some food stock for the next days. The town has a bus station.

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