Section 18a: Refuge des Oulettes de Gaube – Refuge Grande de Holle

My second day of hiking. I was getting more and more tanned. Even more, than I wished. I ended up with some sunburns even though I put suncream. It was really sunny. I started my day slightly after 5 am and went climbing the highest point of the GR10 – Hourquette d’Ossoue, very early in the morning. The way up was not that hard. However, at the end of the day, I was really exhausted.
I loved and hated every single minute of my hike at the same time. I enjoyed waking up very early and hiking when it wasn’t that hot. It allowed me as well to camp quite early in the afternoon. My second day of hiking finished after 3 pm when I got to the refuge Grande de Holle, where I camped nearby. I got some network and I could send few messages that I was alright.

I met some people but no one who was actually doing the GR10 trail. They were basically hiking only for few days. Some of them were saying how brave I must be to do this alone. We shall see, I wasn’t even sure I would be able to go further.

Once you pass Hourquette d’Ossou, you will soon arrive at refuge Bayssekance. There is a possibility of a bivouac, however, respect the rules. Some flat ground can be found close to the barrage d’Ossoue. You can camp next to the refuge Grande de Holle for 5€. If you want to take a shower, you need to pay another 3€. You can buy there something to eat or drink. It is 20 minutes from Gavarnie. More information: here.

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