Section 17a: Cauterets – Luz St Sauveur

We got lost because of some handsome forest ranger. We left Cauterets with a plan to walk for around 5 hours and get to Luz St Sauveur before the evening and the storm. We entered a forest and there were so many signs! There was one showing some kind of a detour for 500m. We took that route. Well, since there was this handsome forest ranger walking behind us, we were all cheerful and laughing a lot, we hadn’t noticed the sign of returning on the GR10. We ended up on a plain, place we weren’t supposed to cross. Fortunately, there was a couple who explained to us how to get back on the GR10 route.

While climbing the Col de Riou, we met so many people. After the Col de Riou we stepped in a ski station restaurant. We ordered two beers. I knew from our previous experiences, that if I say “a big beer”, for them it still be 0,33cl. So, this time, I was very precise, the guy looked at me and said “Seriously?!”. The bar had a wonderful view of the mountains.

Once on a campsite, we set our tent and went for a dinner. After our burgers with fries, we came back to our tent to see that someone stole our headlamp. During the night, there were few storms.

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