Section 14: Gourette – Arrens-Marsous

We woke up around 9 am. To our surprise, the Parisians slept in the same hotel! They were shocked that we managed to cross the Hourquette d’Arre and arrive at Gourette. They started treating us differently. They were way nicer than the day before. When we said that we had hiked for 15 days now, they told us they had been hiking too for over two weeks. Taking cabs, I guess (just as they did between Gabas and Gourette). In the town, everything was closed. There was almost nobody. It was raining all day long. We decided to keep going.
We walked the Tour de France route. We met a group of cyclists who were crossing the Pyrenees via Tour de France. One of them stopped and asked us if we got lost. Definitely, on the one-way road. 😉

In Arrens-Marsous, you can find campsites, shops, a gite, and a bus station. 


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