Section: 12 Lac Gentau – Gabas

In the morning we didn’t need an alarm. We woke up surrounded by around thirty cows with bells around their necks. Iwona couldn’t sleep last night, she was laughing at people on the other side of the lake cause they were going to sleep surrounded by around 15 cows. In the morning, she wasn’t so cheerful.

We went to Gabas and had a lunch in the restaurant. It was a family restaurant, where the whole family was working. It was a real restaurant for shepherds, and shepherds’ dogs were walking under the tables. We had some questions about our trail, but then, there was a guy who stepped in and asked for directions. The owner snapped at him something and when he left, she said: “They think I am a tourist information and on the top of that, provide a weather forecast, or what! “. We didn’t dare to ask our question.  Since we wanted to buy some food for later, we went to talk with her son. He was nice, let us taste some cheese and gave fresh water. We left some tip that was taken by his mother.

We went back to the lac de Bious Artigues and camped over there. Next day, we decided to wake up around 5 am.


Close to barrage de Bious Artigues, you will easily find a flat ground. But, this spot is very popular and be prepared that the night won’t be peaceful. In Gabas, you will find some hotels and a few restaurants. You can buy some bread and cheese. 

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