Section 10 – Logibar – Bedous

We woke up in the morning and went to the pont suspendu. We met the couple from Netherlands. We were wondering if we would bump into each other later. The way up and down was quite hard, slippery as it was wet.

Once we got down, we decided to stop by a small town, even if it was not on our way. As we were moving slowly and our time was limited, we decided to skip some part of the trail from time to time. We were thinking about catching a bus that could take us to a next town. Well, a lady in a campsite told us that there were no buses, yet hitch-hiking was working pretty well. First, we headed to a single restaurant in the town. The place was quite sophisticated and we were dressed like vagabonds and I guess smelly. After our lunch, we put the map on the table and started wondering what to do next. Not to forget to mention, that we had even problems with getting inside the restaurant. We went through back doors, directly to the kitchen! I believe that the restaurant staff had a pity on us. The chief cook offered to take us 10 km further, to another town, where we could hitch-hike easier. After 8 minutes of waiting, there was a woman with her teenage daughter who stopped. They took us to Oloron, where we took a train-bus. When we hop in, the driver (who in his free time must be a showman!) asked us where he should stop for us. Our answer was, that we might be going to Etsaut, but actually, we might get off sooner if we would see a campsite. And then, he stood up and said loudly to all passengers ” Does anybody knows any campsite here?”. Guess what! The whole bus was discussing the closest campsite and giving us some pieces of advice. We decided to go to Bedous and stay there for a night. On the next stop, there was a guy with two heavy bags who wanted to get in. He tried to put his bags, still, he was struggling. And then, the show started.

Driver “Push with your feet!”. And just to himself (actually, the whole bus could hear it): “He is sooooo slow”.

Iwona ” And yet, he is not a girl!”.

When the boy finally got in, the whole bus was laughing. He said to the driver “If I were a girl, you would have helped me! Instead, I got only – push with your feet!”.

He got off in Bedous just as we did, and he even proposed that we could stay at his place. As we were waking up early, we chose a campsite. In all those towns, we were kind of attraction. Even in the bus, people were asking us a lot of questions. In the evening, we went to send some postcards and get us a dinner. Pizza evening.


We didn’t hike this part, but here is some useful information about the trail between Logibar and Estaut:
1. Gite St Engraçe – you can either stay at the gite or bivouac next to it. This costs around 8€ but you can use their kitchen and bathroom.
2. Refuge Jeandel (La Pierre St Martin) – refuge offers a place to sleep or a little spot to bivouac in front. I don’t know the price. They sell some food too.
3. Cabane du cap de la baitch – close to shepherd’s hut. You can buy some cheese.
4. Cabane d’Ardinet – ground flat close to the cabane. Water source.
5. Refuge l’Abérouat – flat ground next to the refuge.
6. Lescun – there is a shop where you can buy some food supplies. Camping Lauzart in Lescun. There is a gite too.
7. Camping next to the gite in Lhers.
8. Cabane ruinée d’Udapet-le-Haut – a possibility of a bivouac.

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