July: coups de coeur

to the bone

My July was kind of boring. At the beginning of the month, I came back from holidays in the mountains in Poland. Then, I had to finally look for a job. Even if, it felt quite exciting at first, you know, looking for a first serious job after studies, very soon I understood that not all the doors are open for the fresh graduates. But I didn’t give up and I started a new job a few days ago.

Well, I spent most of my time screening online job boards, so I didn’t have much time to watch or read. Still, there are some things I want to share with you.




My relationship with social media is quite complicated. Well, on one hand, I hate them. I do believe that it’s a tool that makes people more stupid. On the other hand, I use it to publish my photos, share some moments with others, search for my next destination, etc. If you are sceptic about the whole social media buzz, being online all the time, you should still watch this movie. It will definitely reassure you, that online presence is taking over our lives. You won’t be bored!


Wonder woman

The whole discussion about the movie and main actress kind of put me off. However, I decided to give it a try and see by myself what this movie is about. I love the special effects. The story could be little less romantic. It was great to see a female super hero. 


To the Bone

I definitely love this movie. Maybe not all of you will like it, but those who struggle (I don’t think you ever get over it) with eating disorders will find many common points. I hope movies like this will finally make people understand that eating disorders have nothing to do with fashion, trying to be skinny so the clothes will look better on you. It’s a terrifying fight to gain some kind of control over your life. Quite often you can say thank you to your freaking family. And it’s rarely some teen who tries to be like models on magazine covers. 





Sorry guys, this is a Polish series. I don’t think there is an English version. I watched the first season and I couldn’t stop. The story is about a journalist following some illegal business affairs, money laundering, etc. People get killed. Or, they kill themselves. And my favourite Polish actress plays there, Magdalena Cielecka. You can see the first episode here for free. 



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