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Things that happen when you move to Hong Kong

I was lucky to spend more than 8 months in Hong Kong. I loved and hated this city when living there. Now, I miss the city vibes. I know I will go back there at first occasion. I put together a list of things that surprised me at the beginning, but later, they became a part of my routine. 

  • You become a master of queueing. You never let anyone push in.
  • When you have a choice, you choose warm water.
  • You always have your thermos with a tea…
  • … or warm water.
  • That you can use for your instant noodles.
  • You never go out without a phone.If you do, you feel some emptiness.
  • You look at your phone every second, even when you walk.
  • You are a pro when it comes to Candy Crush
  • You forgot how to walk normally. Instead, you look at your phone, zigzag and bump into people.
  • Slurping, burping stopped bothering you. After some time you don’t even notice it.
  • The same, as big group of locals who are so loud.
  • When you go hiking or riding a bike, you seriously start thinking about taking a loudspeaker with you. Who uses headphones?
  • You start considering listening to local pop.
  • You can eat everything with chopsticks. Eating shrimps with chopsticks comes to you very naturally.
  • One day without a rice, and you start wondering if everything is ok.
  • You cannot live without air conditioning, up to the point, you have a small fan with you at all times.
  • An umbrella comes in handy not only during rainy days. It protects you more often from the sun.
  • You start doing everything in a group. Surprisingly, going to cinema alone seems strange to you.
  • Having pasta, ham, and sausage for breakfast seems natural to you.
  • When entering a supermarket, you are no longer overwhelmed. You start even having your favourite Chinese brands.
  • You no longer look for western toilets. Squat toilet stopped disgusting you, you even got used to it.
  • When you sick, you put a mask.
  • You start listening to Korean pop, and you watch at least one Korean tv drama.
  • Eating street food became your habit, and it’s your favourite snack.
  • People watching you, or taking photos of you, is no longer surprising.


Have you ever been to Hong Kong? What were your first impressions of the city? 

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