May: Coups de coeur

The Danish Girl

I cannot believe it’s already June! On one hand, May was very busy for me. After 8 incredible months, I left Hong Kong and arrived in Poland So the first part was all about moving (again!). The second part brought some stabilisation. I enjoyed being at home. So let me share with you what I discovered in May.

  ❤️ BOOKS

I finally had time to catch up on my books-to-read list. There are two books that actually didn’t let me forget about them for a while.

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

It’s a novel about an Australian robber and heroin addict who escapes from prison and finds a shelter in India. The story is mostly based in Bombay and pictures the city the way, an ordinary tourist will never see. It’s a gallery of very diversify personalities. But let’s come back to the Roberts. Do you have this feeling that sometimes one person has so many adventures that they could share it with others? Reading this book, I could not believe it all happened to Roberts. He definitely didn’t ask for that. A very complex portrait of the main character, the people he encounters on his way, and the city of Bombay.


Where the Pavement Ends: One Woman’s Bicycle Trip Through Mongolia, China, & Vietnam by Erika Warmbrunn

I enjoyed this book so much. Maybe because you could feel the words were real. She describes what she experienced but without picturing herself as a hero, a thing quite common nowadays among travellers. One of my dreams is to go for some long distance bike trip. And this book made me want it to do so even more! I can totally understand what she felt when crossing China and Vietnam. Being constantly exposed to locals trying to rip you off. On one hand, those few euros/dollars more don’t matter to you, but the feeling that people treat you like a bag full of coins is, at least, very annoying. What I liked about this book is that the author was trying to get to know a local culture, trying to speak a local language, eating and living in a local way. Sometimes it backfired on her. Especially in Vietnam, but maybe it was at some point, the effect of the long journey. And the quote that stayed with me: “It is, of course, one of the great hypocrisies of the western traveler, wanting the people we visit in remote lands to remain charming, simple, exotic, and untouched by the information, possessions, and comforts that we take for granted and are unlikely to relinquish for more than the briefest of forays into more austere lands. But we had found a place that truly touched us and, fairly or not, we wished for it not to change.”



The Climb/L’Ascension

The story of a young boy living in Parisian suburbs where nothing good is waiting around the corner. He falls in love with Nadia, and to prove his love he decides to climb Mont Everest. Sound crazy already. The thing is he has no mountain experience. The film is based on a real story of Nadir Dendouane and his book “Un tocard sur le toit du monde”. The movie is funny, good for an evening after a long day. 


The Odyssey

I clicked on it accidentally on my flight back home from Hong Kong.  I had no expectation about the movie, and I ended up watching a good piece of work! I can totally recommend this movie. The film tells the story of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Of course, it follows his life of adventurer, biologist, and filmmaker. However, it all comes with a price. The relationships in his family are very complex. When watching, I hated the main character. His self-absorbing envy to become famous, seeking admiration at all costs. 


Gone Girl

I don’t know if you have the same, but there are some movies that I heard are good, but it has never felt like watching them. I tried to see Gone Girl for months, and finally, I watched. I haven’t seen any trailer, so I thought the movie is all about some guy who kills his wife. To my surprise, it was way more than this simple.


The Danish Girl

My two favourite actors play in this movie. I have no idea why it took me so long to watch it. I guess I was busy and not in the mood to see this kind of the movie. I believe this is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It’s not only acting, the story that is wonderful but also the frames! If you are an aspiring filmmaker, you should definitely see it. 


  ❤️ VLOG

If you interested in photography, especially landscapes, here is a Youtube channel to subscribe: Peter McKinnon. The guy knows what he is talking about, and he is doing it in a very enjoyable way. I watch only a few YouTube vloggers. Most of the people out there, don’t create valuable content, so if you have some interesting channel, please share it!



I was always into portrait and fashion photography. During my hikes, I tried my best with a landscape photography. This year I decided to give a try to macro photography. I have an old DSLR Sony a200 with a 50/1.8 lens, so I bought a set of extension tubes and explored our garden. It is way more difficult to get some quality results than I expected, but the whole process of looking for a subject, observing, and taking a photo, is fascinating.

Macrophotography flower

Macrophotography spider

Macrophotography spider

So, I guess this is all about May. I hope June will bring also some new exciting things to share with you!

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