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Your Instagram Guide to Hong Kong

Instagram guide hong kong

Hong Kong is one of those cities where you can never get bored when taking photos. This city has so many hidden gems and amazing spots. I decided to share with you, my favourite places where you can take incredible photos. However, the truth about Hong Kong is that you will never be alone. When heading to one of those spots, very often you will meet others photography-lovers trying to get the best shot possible.

Victoria Peak

128 Peak Rd, The Peak, Hong Kong

The Peak is worth visit either during the day, or the night. The view over the harbour is incredible. Don’t visit only the Tower, walk a little Hong Kong Trail to get a better view. The easiest way to reach the Peak is to take the Peak Tram or the bus 15 from the ferry pier at Central.


Goldfish Market in Mong Kok

Tung Choi North, Mong Kok, HK

This is one of my favourite places in Hong Kong. I expected it to be crowded and very touristy but to my surprise, I saw there only local people. They believe the goldfish brings luck so they go to the market with their families to buy one. If the living space in HK hadn’t been so limited, they would have had huge aquariums at home.


Choi Hung Estates

The rainbow buildings. They are very photogenic and look amazing. The best place to take photos is on the basketball court on the rooftop of the car park. Prepare a wide lens!


Lion Rock

I think this is my #1 spot in Hong Kong. The view over Kowloon is breathtaking. If you are lucky, and the sky is clear you will see even Hong Kong Island. It can be crowded, people hike there during the day. And it is a very popular destination for night hikes too. Soon, I will publish a post how to hike Lion Rock.


Graham Street

If you are looking for some spot with graffiti in Hong Kong, Graham Street in Hong Kong Island should be your destination. The closest MTR station is Central.


Sai Wan Swimming Shed

This place looks amazing on photos. However, you should know, there are always people there. You will have to wait for your turn. And it is not the most accessible spot in HK.


Quarry Bay

Those are public housing buildings. The most famous is Montane Mansion. When thinking about HK those words will surely pop up to your mind: density, the housing problem, tall buildings. Quarry Bay seems to perfectly picture this. Tip: take a wide angle lens to take some great photos.


Temple Street

It’s a festival of neon lights. Very lively at dusk. Always crowded. It’s a very attractive place for filmmakers. Many crime scenes were actually shot here.


Lai Tak Tsuen

Another example of a public housing in Hong Kong with unusual construction. Be respectful, people actually live there.


Sunset Peak

Here is my advice for you. Go there before sunset and camp there to wait for the sunrise. It is totally worth it. It’s an amazing spot to spend a night in nature.


Innovation Tower

It is a building of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It was designed by Zaha Hadid. Don’t limit yourself only to the Tower, explore its surroundings.

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Garden Hill at Shek Kip Mei

Perfect spot to watch a sunset over Kowloon Peninsula. Easy to climb, though can be crowded.


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I hope you enjoyed this list! Do you have any favorite photo spots in Hong Kong?


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