April: coups de coeur

I decided to launch a monthly series where I will share with you, everything that caught my attention recently. This is why I called it Coups de Coeur (en. special favourites). So, let’s start with April.



At the beginning of April, I had a chance to participate in the TEDxCUHK conference. I am a huge fan of TED and sometimes I can spend hours listening to the talks. I think “Why 30 is not new 20” is my favourite so far. There were few people who especially caught my attention.

She is Hong Kong based photographer. During her free time, she goes and explores around this amazing city. Her photos are stunning. If Hong Kong is on your bucket list, you must check her profile. 

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Hank always dreamt about building his own aircraft and crossing the globe. After seven years of work, the first amateur-build aircraft in Hong Kong was ready and Hank could fly it. I think one of the most interesting parts of his talk, was when Hank described how he felt empty after all those long years of construction and making plans when he finally landed on American soil. His dream came true and for a while, he was standing there with no idea what will come next. I really admire him for his persistence, following his dream even though it took him years to accomplish it.



I had some more time this month. I finished my exams and projects, so I needed something to chill out. Since the weather was not very encouraging for hiking, I caught up with movies.


Ex Machina

To be honest, I didn’t expect much from this movie. I though it would be another science fiction, with a boring love story behind. And, I certainly didn’t expect the ending. I won’t be doing any spoilers, but the movie shows how our future might look like. With very realistic robots, who are smarter than we think. Alicia Vikander is an amazing actress. I remember her from “The Light between Oceans”. I want to see another movie where she plays one of the main roles, “The Danish Girl”.


A United Kingdom

Based on a true story, the film shows the story of Botswana first president. It pictures the complicated political relations between Botswana, at that time called Bechuanaland, United Kingdom, and  South Africa. On the other hand, we have a love story: Seretse Khama meets and gets married to an English woman, Ruth Williams. Everyone is against this marriage, however, it doesn’t stop the couple, they face a lot of downs. I admit the African landscapes made me love this movie even more. 



I first saw “La La Land” and this movie just didn’t convince me. I didn’t deny Damien Chazelle the talent, but I wasn’t sure about giving a chance to “Whiplash” after all. However, the movie is great. It’s an amazing portrait of a young boy who wants “to be one of the greats”. At some point, the plot reminded me about “Black Swan” and the chase after perfection pictured in it. 

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